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Other lights.

This method can simulate other lamp than the headlights, in example a street light. On the image, the first streetlight uses the same glass material than the car's headlights. It seems less realistic than the streetlights beneath it. 
That because, for with the headlight, the glass is inside the object. But with the street light, the glass is outside. So the glass material must be change to increase its reflection, share the same color as the light generated by the streetlight and lesser transparent.
Below, there are the material characteristics of the glass's material of the headlight and the streetlight.
The parameters for the color, transparence and specularity transparence has been modify to obtain a realistic streetlight.

Et Voila.

A full rendering with all the lights.

Headlight are dark.

Follow the way where the headlights have been separate from the car body, the light refraction cannot be as expected. That is happen when reflector and the glass of the headlight are not the same mesh. 

Little explanation.
In the image, the right's cube is lighter than the square on the left. Even the transparent part is perfectly illuminated. Because the right's cube and the transparent part are a lone mesh. The left's cube and its transparent part are in fact 2 separate objects. First, the transparent part is on a different layer that the light to illuminate the cube Secondly, a transparent object makes all objects behind it darker. So, all the parts must be put together to create a single mesh and ensure that this object is in the same layer as its reflection light.

Author & translation: Guy Demesmaeker © Sabam 2004

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