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Fill the holes.

An area can not be fully delimited by hand's lines. Meaning, use the Paint Bucket tools or any other area tool can fill a greater area than expected. To prevent this, the drawer close the opened areas with the pencil tool whit the new color selected.

Fill the area.

When the area is delimited with the selective features of Photoshop, it will color by the fill tool.

In some cases, i.e. little surface, Stedo paints directly with a graphic tablet.

He does the same for the rest of the image.

At the end, the image will send to the editor as psd file.

Tips and tricks.

Base on the expected result, toon or more realistic, it is important to choose the right tool.

As shows in the testing image, delimit an area with the pencil is better than the brush to use a Photoshop fill feature.

The brush creates every time a thin uncolored line between the filling and the limit. However, this tool can be more efficient to fill an area by, when the color does not need to be uniform.

Official Stedo Web site: (French only)

Author, photographies and translation: Guy Demesmaeker.

Model: Stéphane Dauvin.

© Sabam 2005

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